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Three-Pole Marquee Floor Plans

Traditional marquees have supporting kingpoles. Our 9 x 21m Petal marquee has three. Here are a few sample floor plans that work around them, but still leave plenty of options for tailoring your event to your requirements.

With dancefloor and stage for band

The 3m x 3m (just under 10ft x 10ft) stage we supply is about 1ft (30cm) high. That's high enough for a band to be seen, without dominating the way the rest of the marquee has been decorated. Seating up to 132.


Seats 132 on rustic trestle table, with a 15ft dancefloor and 3m stage. This plan has no top table to maximise guest numbers.


Seats 117 on rustic trestles with a nine-person top table, a 12ft dancefloor and 3m stage. Reducing total seating down to 114 allows you to have a 15ft dancefloor and add a six-person top table.


Seats 105 on rustic trestles with a 12ft dancefloor, 3m stage, and plenty of space for a DJ and a bar.

3-120-banqueting-stage+dance- 15ftsmall.

Seats 120 on 5'6" round tables by splitting the tables. This plan has a 15ft dancefloor and 3m stage.

3-110-banqueting-stage+dance- 12ftsmall.

Seats 110 on 5'6" round tables , with a 12ft dancefloor and 3m stage

With dancefloor only - or with a PA or DJ area

If you would like more tables, you can have some on top of the dancefloor during dinner and then move them afterwards.


Seats 129 on rustic trestles around a 15ft dancefloor with a nine-person top table and room for a PA/DJ area and bar.


Seats 117 on rustic trestles, with a 12ft dancefloor and bit of extra mingling space.


Seats 130 on 5'6" round tables around a 15ft dancefloor.


Seats 119 on 5'6" round tables, with a 9 person top table and a12ft dancefloor.

Seating Only

Table and chairs only for dining. Depending on layout, seating up to 150 people.


Seats 150 on rustic trestle tables, with a six-person top table.


A more roomy layout, seating 117 on rustic trestle tables with a nine-person top table along the length of the marquee.


Seats 150 on 5'6" round tables. A bar is shown here, but you could also add a six-person trestle top table.

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