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Wedding Photographers

Admiring some of the lovely images on our site? Check below for details of some of the photographers who shot the weddings featured on our pages


  • Paul Fletcher

A lovely photographer with a natural style. Check out some of the images Paul shot from one of our weddings here or browse his instagram @paulfletcherphoto

  • Miracle Moments

Beautiful, full-of-life photos from Bart at Miracle Moments, capturing loads of the fun and humour of a great wedding. Head to his website to see some of his work.

  • Amy Fanton

Amy creates luminous, romantic images. Here is a feature on Rock My Wedding for a wedding we supplied last year showing her work. You can find more on her website or instagram @amyfanton

  • Laura Eddolls

Relaxed and modern photography from Laura Eddolls. Browse her website here or instagram @lauraeddollsphoto

  • Andy Britton

Take a look at Andy's classic images at

  • Joe and Charlotte

A modern creative duo - you can find out more and Joe and Charlotte on their website or instagram @joeandcharlotte

  • Anna Rowlandson

Anna has a beautifully soft and natural style. You can find her on instagram @annarowlandsonphoto or check out her website here.

  • Teri V

Vibrant and creative images from the lovely Teri - who also took the photos of our furniture you see on this site. Browse her instagram @terivphotography or find her on her website here.

  • Matilda Delves

Working in a modern documentry style, Matilda's shot are beautifully full of life. Check out her work and get in touch here


  • Coming soon


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