One-Pole Marquee Floor Plans

Traditional marquees have supporting kingpoles. Our 9m round petal marquee has one. Here are a few sample floor plans that work around it, but still leave plenty of options for tailoring your event to your requirements.

With dancefloor and stage for band

The 3m x 3m (just under 10ft x 10ft) stage we supply is about 1ft (30cm) high. That's high enough for a band to be seen, without dominating the way the rest of the marquee has been decorated. You can still fit in a few tables inside, or instead have the marquee dedicated to entertainment.

Seats 24 on rustic trestles, with a 12ft dancefloor and 3m stage

12ft dancefloor and 3m stage with bar and buffet tables

With dancefloor only - or with a PA or DJ area

If you would like more tables, you can have some on top of the dancefloor during dinner and then move them afterwards.

Seats 48 on plain trestle tables with a 12ft dancefloor.

Seats 30 on 5'6" round tables with a 12ft dancefloor.

Seats 36 on rustic trestles with a 12ft dancefloor.

Seating Only

Table and chairs only for dining. Depending on layout, seating up to 72 people.

Seats 72 on rustic trestles. Suitable for use with no walls on the marquee for maximum seating.

Seats 60 on 5'6" round tables.

Seats 60 on rustic trestle tables.

Areas covered: East Sussex, Essex, Kent, London, Surrey, West Sussex.

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