About Us

The Piece of Cake team

A dark haired man smiling at the camera


Hi, I'm Tom. I'm the managing director of Piece of Cake and head rigger. I love my job!

I grew up on a smallholding in rural Kent, but have lived and worked all over. 

I love to throw fun and quirky parties, such as my annual friends-and-family village fête, which is where I found my love of vintage marquees and furniture.

I've been described as half-dog, since I get along with other dogs so well, but also because I jump in ponds too often and have been known to cry with laughter at squeaky dog toys. 

My favourite cake is Christmas cake and I'm not sorry.

A smiling woman at a picnic


Hello! My name is Phia (short for Sophia) and I'm the operations manager.

I got involved with Piece of Cake when my partner Tom asked me to help with the bookkeeping. A few months later I was involved with all areas of the business.

I mainly take care of the financial admin at Piece of Cake, along with co-ordinating furniture, decor and any external suppliers. You will also often see me on-site on setup day as well, making sure all goes to plan.

I like to dabble in creative hobbies, such as painting, crochet, and origami - but I still manage to create spreadsheets tracking those, too!

​My favourite cake is Red Velvet because I'm not a lunatic.